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Flavours & Essences

Our product list for flavours and essences is not a full product list as it is only meant to give our customers an idea on our production line.  It is anyhow an open list and any products to be made on demand of the customer can be added.  As a matter of fact, we add new products almost every day, as the market is always looking for something new and different.
As regards flavours with alcohol contents, please keep in mind that, on request, we may supply a non-alcoholic grade of the same product.


Our product list for phytoextracts is an open one as well, as we may, on request, make phytoextracts from any vegetable products that can be purchased in Europe.

Industrial perfumes

Besides flavours and phytoextracts we also manufacture industrial perfumes, for which a product list is not available, as perfumes are usually customized in order to meet customer's specific requirements.


Augusto Bellinvia S.r.l.
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