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The Company Augusto Bellinvia S.r.l. was founded in 1948 by its Chairman, after whose name it was named, keeping up a family tradition that, in the course of three generations, had built up flavours manufacturing units not only in Italy but also in other European countries.
It was the age of "reconstruction": after war was over, here in Europe we were removing the rubbles and, with makeshifts and big sacrifices, were trying to rebuild factories and start production again.
This is how our Company started, in a small laboratory in Torino, where Mr. Augusto Bellinvia, a very enterprising person, began manufacturing flavours.
His good knowledge of the field and his technical competence allowed him to develop the company activity not only on the ground of old and tested formulations but also on new flavour elaborations and new production techniques.
This was possible also thanks to Mr. Augusto Bellinvia's three sons, who came in as working partners and who are themselves keeping up the family tradition by always developing new projects.


Today we have at our plant a very modern production unit where productions are carried out through the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art processes.
This is why we are able to satisfy any requests for any particular products to be used in the food and beverages industry: vermouths, fortified wines, liquors, soft drinks, ice-creams, yogurts, confectionery, drops, chewing-gums.


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This technical skill along with a deep knowledge of the markets allows us to be present not only on domestic market but also on many countries around the world and render our registered trademark "Aromi Torino" a synonym of high quality.

Our flavours are produced from deeply checked and selected raw materials, many of which are of natural origin; as a matter of fact, many flavours are obtained from herbs and aromatic plants and spices.  The wide knowledge we got from the use of these vegetable products allowed us to develop also the production of phytoextracts, that today are largely used in cosmetics and pseudo-pharmaceuticals.  Our phytoextracts are manufactured in hydro-soluble, lipo-soluble, fluid or dry powder form, according to the different applications.

We would also underline that our Company has got a high-level technical staff; we are thus able to supply any products on customer's request and specifications and to satisfy any particular needs.   We are appreciated for this flexibility, we are very proud of and that is one of the main reasons of our success.

To better explain our many elaborations, you will find in the "Products" section some product lists that are not complete lists but are only meant to give an idea on our production range.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any products you should need and that do not appear on these lists: we shall be glad to answer any questions we shall receive.


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